Resurrecting a Samsung S32D850T PSU

Ainol Novo 8 Advanced 2.3.4 Rooted UK Rom V2.0

Update March 2021:

Fixed the download links at the bottom of the page. All versions can also be found here: Ainol Novo 8 Firmware links

Comments locked as this release has been superseded, head to Ainol Novo 8 News to see the latest version.

Original post:

The first release of my firmware has been a huge success, with downloads in the hundreds, users from across the globe and plenty of feedback I say thanks to you all.

Now that's out the way on to the important part of this post ;) VERSION 2.0 IS HERE! After a lot of positive feedback and because there were things that needed fixing I have been working on a second release quite heavily since the first was posted. It's not perfect, some bugs are still there but it's a definite step forward from the first release. Check the readme at the end of the post for the full lowdown.

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  • Homescreen

  • All the important apps are installed

  • Google Music

  • Skype

  • Multi-language

  • Homescreen, widgets, and my mate's profile pic

Download links:

Ainol Novo 8 Adv 2.3.4 Version 2.0

The Readme.txt:

Ainol Novo 8 Advanced 2.3.4 Rooted English Rom
Version: 2.0 (23/11/11)
Author: Nebular Nerd (aka Oberth & thedaybeforetomorrow)

After manually de-Chineseing every firmware and trying to cram in
all the basic Google apps and such that are needed I set upon
creating an all English firmware, The result is a that can be flashed
ready to run with all the Google stuff and a few choice extras bundled in.

Using the current 2.3.4 beta as a base I removed, replaced
and added and tweaked various things to give a decent firmware that will
make you proud to show off your tablet with the unfortunate brand name.
(Hands up all those who have had a laugh when telling someone who makes it)
*Non native english speakers may not get this silly schoolboy joke :)

While I take credit for the putting everything together in one easy to use
package the real credit should goto all those people I sourced the component
parts from. As of writing (23/11/11) there have been over 300 Downloads from
hosts with download counters so there are a lot of you out there giving V1.0
a go, lets see what happens with 2.0 :)

Enjoy the firmware :)

Changelist / Whats New:
19/11/2011: Version 2.0
*NEW* Multi Language support.
...Google apps and firmware seem ok, other apps are dev dependant.
*NEW* Default Wallpaper
...Thanks to EgFox @ DeviantArt
*NEW* Google Books, Google+ Added to rom
*NEW* Dolphin HD Broswer added
*NEW* Facebook added
*NEW* Skype added
*NEW* FlashPlayer 10.3 apk added to zip for installation latest 11.x causes
...serious performance issues with any flash media.
*NEW* LCD Resolution added, handy for making things bigger in the
...absence of the normal Small,Med,Large settings. Also semi fixes iPlayer
...performance issue. Use it to set dpi at 200 and iPlayer is watchable.
*FIXED* Calendar now works, no longer force closes.
*MODDED* Headphone volume output level no longer deafens you.
*UPDATED* Better readme.txt layout.
*UPDATED* Latest YouTube and Google Music.

8/11/2011: Version 1.2
Tidied and formatted readme.txt.

6/11/2011: Version 1.1
Minor update to correct bug in build.prop preventing Chainfire and Tegra
games from working.

5/11/2011: Version 1.0
1st Release.

Flashing this is a breeze, simply copy all the contents of the zip to your
SD Card, insert into your Novo 8 and boot into Recovery with Power & Vol+.

Once booted perform the 3 wipes and then install the update and reboot.

If you spot the error about the factory_update_param.aml file missing
when booting into recovery mode just ignore it. I dumped the automated stuff
as it bricked my unit the first time round when flashing the stock beta and I
had to do a recovery with the original firmware release. The automation seems
to get stuck now and again causing the brick so it's safer to take the manual

When first booting the homescreen will go black/blank for about a minute.
Don't panic this is quite normal it's just everything unpacking and setting up.
Set up your wifi, add your Google account and off you go.

Post install use FileBrowser or AppInstaller to install Flash 10.3 off the SD
card, this seems to be the best performing version I have seen. Do not update
to later versions as performance drops so far that basic flash files seem to
have a hard time playing.

* Fast and Smooth 160dpi rom with build.prop tweaks to improve various things.

* Full English Rom set to UK region, no hidden Chinese menus to pop out at you.
...All Chinese only apps removed or replaced with english versions.

* Latest Market 3.3.11 with heavily modified build.prop to show as many apps as
...possible. This does actually show and install a far wider range of apps than
...before. Some stuff is still not showing but it's about the best we can get.

* AC3/DTS Hardware Decoder works. Stock Video Player will handle most stuff
...Download Big Buck Bunny from their site in 1080 MP4 & H.264 as test files
...If it all is working both will play smoothly and seek should work. I test
...these and other files from 16GB Class2 MicroSD in a USB reader. It will play
...really large stuff from a NTFS formatted external drive as well.
...Test file for this is a 13GB 1080 AVC/DTS MKV file that plays without issue.
* 3G Modem support, confirmed working with these dongles.
...Huawei E160 3G USB Dongle (by ompudsman @ MP4Nations)
...Huawei E1750 3G USB Dongle with Virgin UK sim. (by GFZ @ XDA)
...Huawei E173u-2 3G USB Dongle (by Razy @ My Blogspot Page)
...Any other 3G Dongles working? Help the community and let us know :)
* Uses the free version of LauncherPro because it does seem the best for this
...model, the Chinese firmwares had hard coded Chinese menus in the
...LauncherProPlus.apk The market will allow you to purchase the Plus Unlocker
...if you want those features.

* Preloaded with Google Browser, Gmail, Maps, Streetview, YouTube,
...Google Music, Latitude, Google Books, Google+, Google+ Messenger,
...Google Search, Calendar and Car Home.

* Preloaded with Facebook, Skype and Dolphin Browser HD.

* Google accounts will sync Contacts, Mail and Calendars correctly.

* YouTube plays HQ videos just fine without stutter or lag.
...(Assuming you have a good wifi signal and net speeds)
* The stock video player plays most MPG, MP4, MKV files with AAC, MP3, AC3 It's not set as the default player but use file explorer to pick
...a file and it should pop up in the dialog box and it will set all the
...formats it can play to use it.
* Most of the Games and Apps I have tried while testing work fine. Get
...Chainfire3D and buy the Pro key to enjoy some of the nice Tegra Games.
...I shall add a list of Tegra games that work to my blog.

* Wifi seems better under the new firmware.

Most of these bugs are related to the base firmware, and are being looked into.
* Tablet likes to wake itself up now and then for no real reason.
...(Possible data connections causing it to wake)

* Sometimes the Power button does not work so you can't turn off the screen or
...power off. There are apps that will shutdown the unit but be cautious of data
...loss if you are installing or copying something let it finish first and wait
...a few seconds

* If the Screen is off and the Power button is not behaving another key will
...turn it on.

* Sometimes the Power Off dialog appears for no reason.

* Your Novo may disappear off the Market site for a while or completely. Mine
...went and then came back about a day later, this is down to the modified You can still download apps directly through the Market app on
...the Novo regardless.

* Some of the best apps are still not available in the market, Dolphin Browser
...Facebook and Skype to name a few. This is down to Google Market and not much
...seems to beat this last hurdle. I have added them in but they will not

* Possible others bugs (Let me know by posting on my blog or one of the threads)

To Do List:
* Fix all power bugs (Lots of Work)

* Make Video Player the default app for video files.

* Add widgets to homescreen automatically.

* Work out how to make Flash part of the rom. For now use the apk included to
...install 10.3

* Fix iPlayer performance both in app and browser, close as I can figure this it's Flash not performing but YouTube and other flash files play ok it's a puzzler, best I can recommend is to use LCD Resolution to drop to
...200 dpi and you can get watchable streams at Medium quality through the app.

* Other stuff I think of.

Sources used:
* Base Rom The base for my rom was this prerooted one.
...(Translated, may not load first time especially in Chinese busy times)

* Browser and Google Music I used the Browser and Google Music from this one.
...(Translated, may not load first time especially in Chinese busy times)

* The rom I currently use on my HD2 which I lifted
...most of the original Google stuff from.

* The tweaks used for the Market.

* EG-Fox gave permission for the wallpaper used.
Other various sources for stuff about some of the other little tweaks.

As with any custom firmware there is a risk of things going wrong so if it
bricks your unit try a recovery image from Ainol and start again, if you are of
a nervous disposition or the type of person who sues for a hobby please do not
attempt to install this. The rom works fine on my unit and others have tried
without issue, however mileage does seem to vary with this tablet. 


  1. Great Job , Andy !
    It would be nice if the new rom also includes support or drivers of Bluetooth devices ( eg BT GPS , BT keyboard , etc )

  2. Also would be nice to include the support for gamepad.

    But anyway thanks for your wonderful work.

    (It would be great to also work with ICS)

  3. Adding Bluetooth is on the would be nice list as is Gamepad support, I believe a couple of other devs have got some support going, need to see and if so ask to use it.

    Ice Cream Sandwich is a big thing to do as it would need all the drivers porting over for starters and thats a bit above my level. Also there is no Flash for it at present so you would have a very shiny firmware but not be able to browse large portions of the net. Maybe one day though. . .

  4. He I need help please..
    Aigo M801
    I have a tablet similar to yours.
    But they have not yet taken .. Gingerbread
    Kernel 2.2.1 is different from Android?
    I have a tablet similar to yours.
    But they have not yet taken .. Gingerbread
    Kernel 2.2.1 is different from Android?
    My tablet is GADMEI China T820 but cover a Spanish company and the exact model is this:
    is there any way to revive the tablet in case of wrong flash?
    I could help cook a rom that is able and android 2.2.1 and not very polished ..
    I also want to add support usb-bluethoot ..

    PS: I downloaded the rom Ainola 8 Advanced 2.3.4 Rooted Novo UK Rom V2.0 is similar to mine ..
    If I change the firmware on mine kernels android or even 2.2.1 can work well either?
    Thanks for your help
    My mail is

  5. hi. flashed ainol novo 8. ainol not turn on even in power + volume +. when you press the power flickers once the screen and all.
    how to revive novo 8?

  6. Gregory:
    Sorry to hear it's bricked, my best advice is to try the rescue method I detailed at this site (under the name thedaybeforetommorow). it worked for me when I first started testing the beta.

    I have seem my rom cropping up on sites for the tablets you mention so I guess people are taking a look at it for that purpose. My short answer would be no as every tablet and phone has it own way of doing things. For example my rom will not work on a NOVO 7 even though they are both from Ainol as the flash methods and hardware are different. Maybe portions of it could be used but without a test unit I could not say for sure.

  8. Hello!
    Congratulations on your work and thank you for giving all an improvement in equipment!

    Yesterday I installed your version and found two bugs, I've been reporting here (as you asked).

    1. When you try to disable the virtual keyboard of Android, an error message appears stating that the service terminated unexpectedly. Despite the virtual keyboard is disabled, this option is not saved (back when you restart the tablet).

    2. When you use the language Portuguese (Brazil) and tries to access the "Manage Applicatins" an error message appears stating that the service has stopped unexpectedly.

  9. Hi Premier Brasil,

    Thanks for the feedback, it looks like the Multi Language needs more testing, it seems to be a bit hit and miss depending on the language selected. I shall add it to my fix list.

  10. Andy,

    Thank you for your feedback.
    I do not know if the problem of disabling the virtual keyboard android just happening to me.

    I am also experiencing a problem with the YouTube app, which is already installed.

    The videos run for only five seconds and then just stop.
    After some time (only sometimes) the image is, but the sound does not ring.
    Or sometimes happens that both (sound and video) be played, but totally out of sync.

    It would be another bug?
    I'm using with 200dpi, would that be?

  11. you need use this youtube:
    use 160dpi when u go to market or install app , settings, etc...
    use 200dpi only for surf web , videos , reading, music.

  12. Brasil:
    Can you post a link to the video you are having trouble viewing, or give me the exact title. I have try a few videos through YouTube every time I flash to check and have not had stutter or lag so am curious to have a reference. There should be no need to drop dpi other than for iPlayer or maybe YouTube through the browsers.

    As a test please try 'Rymdreglage - 8-bit trip' and 'OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rude Goldberg Machine Version - Official' and let me know you're feedback.

  13. Skype doesnt work. skype need reinstal. Whay?. Its wery goood rom

  14. Hi, Skype keeps telling me to reinstall.
    Cant seem to start it. Further more, great roms so far.


  15. Skype is broke, though it was ok as it starts up (see the pictures above) but it crashes after logging in. I need to setup a Skype account to test further.

  16. Hi,

    Your right, skype does start, but your not able to login.

    Further more I've noticed that the audio playback had hickkups after some time. I've tryed different setting in CPU master, setting the cpu to a fixed 1ghz, Scaling on performance but to no avail. It seems to have something to do with the lockscreen. When the display is on, everything is smooth, but when the display is dark, there is seems to be skipping.

    Great job on getting the cpu to 1ghz, and making a stable and fast rom.

    I'll keep testing an post if I find anything.


  17. Andy i don´t have problems with youtube in this version 2.0 but in 1.0 i solved installing the youtube moded linked above, so is not a trouble or nothing i think is just a brasilian slow internet problem.
    Thx for all you rocks

  18. Thanks a lot Nebular Nerd, Now i can tell i have a novo 8 advance tablet with all the gadgets working. i just wanted to ask you if there has been any issues with the g-sensor?, after the upgrade with the 2.0 version, none of the games with g-sensor are responding to it. Do you have any advise for that?, thanks i have a real tablet.

  19. WOW your ROM kicks tail !
    English USA works fine
    You tube app works fine

    I had to rename your zip file to on my SD card before it would work on my NOVO8

    Only issue I have found so far
    (and its likely the user here)
    I can not power it off by holding down the power button for three seconds(IE no menu pops up to power down) ....any hints ?

    This used to occur on previous version 2.2.1 but only if the power cord was connected

    Not that Im planning on turning it off anytime soon ....

    And how might I donate something to you for the time you saved me here ?

  20. OK ignore the I cannot power off above ROFL...
    apparently it just does not allow you to power down whilst your WIFI is active.
    I turned off and she powers down fine.

    You are making my two girls quite happy come Christmas morning I got two matching Novo8's
    and would have spent huge time removing all the Chinese myself.


  21. Leoz:
    Thanks for the feedback it all helps :)

    I've not overly tested the games on this new version but they seemed to play ok on version 1 and nothing major was altered between that release and this. If you could name a game I shall take a look.

    I'm glad you are rocking the firmware, there is a new version in the works and that is based on newer software and a lot of the bugs have fixed in it so watch this space.

    I have added a donate button on the right for anyone who wants to buy me a beer or something, in reality this will most likely go to a second Novo 8 so I can use my main unit for daily use again :)

  22. Hi Andy,
    First I want to congratulate you for your nice job.
    I received my novo8 1 week ago, and I'm just testing it. I instaled the rom 2.34 and it's really nice.
    Just I can't power off the tablet, it resets. I downloaded boot app but doesn't work, is it related to power off bug? Thank you!

  23. Hi, andy, great job.!

    I found 2 bugs

    If the wifi is active, i cant power off the tablet.

    And i cant change the time zone, the app settings crash.


  24. Hi tOd and Dan07

    thanks for the feedback, I shall add timezone testing to new version I'm working on.

    The power bugs you have reported are both related to the firmware used in this and the the previous version, the new firmware seems to fix most off these so watch this space :)

  25. I have noticed the time zone bug too.
    So, just have to wait new rom.

  26. Hi Andy
    Thanks for the great ROM. Works like a dream and install easily.
    I've been installing my apps from a Wits A80 and have found most go in without a problem. The rest I'll work on.
    The main thing that i can't get working is the 3g dongle.
    The Novo seems to recognise the dongle but it just sits there and slowly flashes at me. The dongle does work in a cheapo Pendo I got for signing up with my Internet provider (Dodo). Anyway I tried adding a new APN through settings but I couldn't get the settings to save. This could be a problem with permissions but my APN list remains stubbornly blank.

    Thanks again for all your hard work.

  27. Hi pashby,

    Check out post 11 on the MP4 Nation thread here

    I had a similar question that I answered there, I reckon you are in much the same situation.

  28. Co takhle udělat android 4.0 ice cream sandwich

  29. What to do about Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

  30. Hi

    I installed your rom and run well to time off to display at 55% battery. You wrote - "If the Screen is off and the Power button is not behaving another key will turn it on." <--- It does not work! :( Please help :(

  31. Hi nervous,

    I've not had any other reports of that nature, from my own testing and some experiments others conducted it seems to be the general rule that if the Power Button will not wake the tablet from sleep (not powered off) then one of the others would do. Plugging on the power lead will also wake it as will it random wake up bug.

    Version 3.0 should be out sometime between now and the new year and the power bugs seem to be gone so watch this space . . .

  32. hello i have problems on downloading the software..rapidshare seems to keep saying file not exist and the mirror is taking millions of years to sownload..pls help

  33. Hi nerfdude,

    The rapidshare link seems to be fine for me just checked it out, well over 500 downloads from it as well. What browser are you using? might be worth trying it in another one and see what happens or see if you have an addon that is causing it to not link through.

  34. New version released, check the front page :)

  35. Charger did not help only after complete discharge of the battery and the charger is connected the tablet back to life:)

    Rom is great. It works on it for more applications and games than for Android 2.2

    Check for new versions soon.

    Good job.

  36. rom is nice prety fast but i noticed bugs when im typing word with number the word will dissappear but the number doesnt,,how can i fixed this?

  37. Comments closed for this post, please look at front page for latest release.