Ainol Novo 8 Advanced 2.3.4 Rooted UK Rom V3.0

Update March 2021:

Fixed the download links at the bottom of the page. All versions can also be found here: Ainol Novo 8 Firmware links

Comments locked as this release has been superseded, head to Ainol Novo 8 News to see the latest version.

Original post:


Yup that's right folks, I have been promising a new rom for a couple of weeks and what better day for it to be released than today :) I'm going to keep this fairly short and sweet as I am overloaded on xmas grub and want to slob out.

This firmware is frankly pretty awesome, it's based on the latest 22/12/11 release with full Root and added bits from Cheeyee @ Chinadigital (make sure you thank him) which gives you 2GB userspace, USB Bluetooth dongle, USB GPS dongle and USB Gamepad support. If that is not enough for you you also have the latest Google apps, Market, Facebook, Skype (which now works) and Dolphin Browser HD. Flash support has been cooked in as well and seems to work fine. This is presently English only, I shall try to make a Multi Language in the next week or so (and have it work a bit better than in V2.0)

Not Enough For You?

Then how about this . . . Power issues are fixed, performance issues seem to be addressed (can't test iPlayer as the BBC has broken it at the time of writing) The Market has gained the ability to see near enough every single app there is, that's right you read it correctly Angry Birds, Facebook, Dolphin HD and Skype are are visible on the market, you can even update the rom installed versions. Install Chainfire3D and the Pro key then use the market fix to see and install Tegra games so you can have legit versions of those as well.

You still want more?

Fine ;) This rom is pretty much bursting at the seams with loads of other stuff, there's more done, fixed and added than I remember. Install, enjoy and explore :)


Download Links:

Ainol Novo 8 2.3.4 UK Rom V3.0

3.0 Patch to 3.1:
Install after 3.0 fixes Contact and Calendar issues.

Ainol Novo 8 2.3.4 UK Rom V3.1 patch

The Readme.txt:

Ainol Novo 8 Advanced 2.3.4 Rooted English Rom
Version: 3.0 (25/12/11) *Merry Xmas*
Author: Nebular Nerd (aka Oberth & thedaybeforetomorrow)

After manually de-Chineseing every firmware and trying to cram in
all the basic Google apps and such that are needed I set upon
creating an all English firmware, The result is a ready to flash rom
with all the Google stuff and a few choice extras bundled in.

Using a rather heavily modded version of the 2.3.4 22/12/11 release, I have
replaced, added and tweaked various things to give a decent firmware that will
make you proud to show off your tablet and give those silly fruit flavoured
ones something to really get upset about :)

While I take credit for the putting everything together in one easy to use
package the real credit should goto all those people I sourced the component
parts from. Big thanks this time round goto cheeyee @ ChinaDigital for his
amazing work on adding USB support for various stuff and tomx2h @ imp3 for
adding it all to the latest build.

As of writing (25/12/11) there have been over 1000 Downloads from
hosts with download counters of my previous two versions, so lets see what V3.0
does for the figures.

Enjoy the firmware :)

Changelist / Whats New:
25/12/2011 Version 3.0
*IMPORTANT* English only release, Multi Language to follow.
*IMPORTANT* Power issues no longer present.
*IMPORTANT* Do not update Adobe Flash to later versions.
*NEW* Base Firmware with lots of mods inc. AdHoc
...Major thanks to tomx2h at imp3 for his work.
*NEW* 2GB Userspace patch based on cheeyee @ Chinadigtal's work
...again thanks to tomx2h for adding to base rom.
*NEW* USB Bluetooth, USB GPS, USB Joypad support
...Major thanks to the cheeyee @ Chinadigital for original, and tomx2h at imp3 for adding to base rom.
*NEW* Added Dolphin Desktop Toggle, Google Currents and Google Earth
*UPDATED* Dolphin Browser 7.2.0, FaceBook 1.8.1, Skype
*UPDATED* Google Maps 6.0.2, Streetview, Market 3.4.4
*UPDATED* Google+
*FIXED* Skype should now work
*FIXED* Even better market results (see features section)

19/11/2011: Version 2.0
*NEW* Multi Language support.
...Google apps and firmware seem ok, other apps are dev dependant.
*NEW* Default Wallpaper
...Thanks to EgFox @ DeviantArt
*NEW* Google Books, Google+ Added to rom
*NEW* Dolphin HD Broswer added
*NEW* Facebook added
*NEW* Skype added
*NEW* FlashPlayer 10.3 apk added to zip for installation latest 11.x causes
...serious performance issues with any flash media.
*NEW* LCD Resolution added, handy for making things bigger in the
...absence of the normal Small,Med,Large settings. Also semi fixes iPlayer
...performance issue. Use it to set dpi at 200 and iPlayer is watchable.
*FIXED* Calendar now works, no longer force closes.
*MODDED* Headphone volume output level no longer deafens you.
*UPDATED* Better readme.txt layout.
*UPDATED* Latest YouTube and Google Music.

8/11/2011: Version 1.2
Tidied and formatted readme.txt.

6/11/2011: Version 1.1
Minor update to correct bug in build.prop preventing Chainfire and Tegra
games from working.

5/11/2011: Version 1.0
1st Release.

Flashing this is a breeze, simply copy all the contents of the zip to your
SD Card, insert into your Novo 8 and boot into Recovery with Power & Vol+.

Once booted perform the 3 wipes and then install the update and reboot.

If you spot the error about the factory_update_param.aml file missing
when booting into recovery mode just ignore it. 

This take a couple of minutes to boot the first time as it has quite a bit
of work to do so sit tight and wait.

Post install look for the Wallpapers app to change the desktop background to
whichever one takes your fancy.

* Fast and Smooth 160dpi rom with build.prop tweaks to improve various things.

* Full English Rom set to UK region, no hidden Chinese menus to pop out at you.
...All Chinese only apps removed or replaced with english versions.

* Latest Market 3.4.4 with heavily modified build.prop to show as many apps as
...possible. This new build seems to show near enough everything going,
...Facebook, Dolphin and Skype appear as well as some premium games.
...I believe it's a combination of cheeyee additions and my build.prop making
...the tablet look like a fully featured phone. Tegra games will also appear
...if you install Chainfire with the Plugins and then run the Fix Market.

* AC3/DTS Hardware Decoder works. Stock Video Player will handle most stuff
...Download Big Buck Bunny from their site in 1080 MP4 & H.264 as test files
...If it all is working both will play smoothly and seek should work. I test
...these and other files from a 16GB Class2 MicroSD in a USB reader. It will really large stuff from a NTFS formatted external drive as well.
...Test file for this is a 13GB 1080 AVC/DTS MKV file that plays without issue.
* 3G Modem support, confirmed working with these dongles.
...Huawei E160 3G USB Dongle (by ompudsman @ MP4Nations)
...Huawei E1750 3G USB Dongle with Virgin UK sim. (by GFZ @ XDA)
...Huawei E173u-2 3G USB Dongle (by Razy @ My Blogspot Page)
...Any other 3G Dongles working? Help the community and let us know :)

* USB Bluetooth Support
...Tested with 3 dongles and all work fine with my Bluetooth GPS Keyring
...CoPilot on an 8" screen is rather good fun :)

*USB GPS and Gamepad support
...Untested but reading cheeyee's threads on Chinadigital I reckon they
...will work as he describes.

* Preloaded with latest Google Browser, Gmail, Maps, Streetview, YouTube,
...Google Music, Latitude, Google Books, Google+, Google+ Messenger,
...Google Search, Calendar, Google Earth and Car Home.

* Preloaded with latest Facebook, Skype and Dolphin Browser HD.

* Google accounts will sync Contacts, Mail and Calendars correctly.

* YouTube plays HQ videos just fine without stutter or lag.
...(Assuming you have a good wifi signal and net speeds)
* The stock video player plays most MPG, MP4, MKV files with AAC, MP3, AC3 It's not set as the default player but use file explorer to pick
...a file and it should pop up in the dialog box and it will set all the
...formats it can play to use it.
* Most of the Games and Apps I have tried while testing work fine. Get
...Chainfire3D and buy the Pro key to enjoy some of the nice Tegra Games.
...I shall add a list of Tegra games that work to my blog.

* Wifi seems better under the new firmware.


With V3.0 all the power bugs have been squashed so not much left.

Market is awesome in this version, a couple of things may be missing
but not much.

* Your Novo may disappear off the Market site for a while or completely. Mine
...went and then came back about a day later, this is down to the modified You can still download apps directly through the Market app on
...the Novo regardless.

* Possible others bugs (Let me know by posting on my blog or the threads)

To Do List:

* Make Video Player the default app for video files, Meantime if you select a file inside one of the file explorers as soon as you pick the video
...player and select default action any files it can play will then use it.

* Add widgets to homescreen automatically.

* Fix iPlayer performance both in app and browser, close as I can figure this it's Flash not performing but YouTube and other flash files play ok it's a puzzler, best I can recommend is to use LCD Resolution to drop to
...200 dpi and you can get watchable streams at Medium quality through the app.

* Other stuff I think of.

Sources used:
* The base for my rom was this prerooted one.
...(Translated, may not load first time especially in Chinese busy times)

* The tweaks used for the Market.
Other various sources for stuff about some of the other little tweaks.

As with any custom firmware there is a risk of things going wrong so if it
bricks your unit try a recovery image from Ainol and start again, if you are of
a nervous disposition or the type of person who sues for a hobby please do not
attempt to install this. The rom works fine on my unit and others have tried
without issue, however mileage does seem to vary with this tablet.


  1. Merry Christmas Andy,

    Thanks for your work. My son received the NOVO8 tablet for Christmas and I'll install the multi-language version later. Thanks and Happy Christmas from France.


  2. cited:
    USB Ethernet - The kernel is only built to support the ASIX usb ethernet device only? Can you compile a few more usb ethernet drivers for various chipsets?

    Can you also include drivers fort DVB-T?

    have a nice christmas!

  3. Really awesome, waiting multilanguage, or it is possible to install and then add the lang without reinstalling the room?


  4. Excellent Christmas Gift, Thank you Andy! :-)
    My Novo8 feels much snappier and fast with Gingerbread.
    Here is some feedback about your much appreciated hard work from you and others:
    I experience some instability reading from the SD card sometimes and is very hard to reproduce. I had to install Aldiko Ebook reader three or four times with errors regarding finding the SD card before it finally was installed after many reboots. The same thing occurs playing music and a restart usually fixes things.

    The missing language support is no problem for me, I live in Sweden and just install the very good app Scandinavian keybord [] from Market []. I'm sure there are similar ones for other languages out there.

    Thanks again and hope everyone have a very nice Xmas!

  5. Thanks so much, waiting for Spanish

  6. Thank you for this rom. It's makes this tablet work very fine :) i have tested the HUAWEI Mobile Broadband E367 HSPA+ USB Rotator Dongle and an local KPN (Dutch) boardband provider. Fast Internet works !

  7. Nice work :) thank you very much :) I'm waiting for polish language and after that you have big beer from me :) With this soft ainol looks like new machine :) I'm glad of it :) Thank You !!!

  8. Hi Andy,
    Do you think your ROM would work on a Pandigital Star 7 tablet? It has the same processor and GPU.

  9. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the feedback :)

    Adding the driver could be done I have seen DVB working on an old Google phone, I've not had any experience compiling for Android so not sure what the challenges would be. The main man for that is Cheeyee @ Chinadigital (Links in the main text) without his work the USB stuff in this release would not be possible.

    I shall have a look at both an update patch and a full release. Should not big a big deal for an update patch as it only needs to update/replace a few files.

    Thanks for the feedback, the main thing everyone wants from the multi language is to have the system menus and messages in their native language. But there are a lot of keyboards out there so feedback on which ones are worth installing for them to use is always great :)

    Thanks for letting me know I shall add this to the supported list later on.

    Qurof & Sotom:
    I have a few days off over new year so I shall try and get something out around then. I had a few bugs crop up last time with specific languages not working and Force Closing system menus when you tried to enter them so I need to do some proper testing.

    Having a quick look at the Pandigital Specs I would say no. The screen is resistive and lower res and chances are the wifi and such are different. That said portions of the firmware could be used in places to add full Googleness to the tablet if you can get root access. Maybe one day I shall be in a position to look at other tablets with a view to creating similar solutions, I did start looking at the Novo 7 but the firmware image format has so far prevented my work on that one.

  10. What a nice gift for X`mas !!
    Installed and it works fine.
    Thanks very much !

  11. i'm from indonesia.your ROM works very good here andy,my ainol more responsive and the battery more efficient look like,thx for ur work..

  12. Hi Andy,

    this rom has a lot of video playback issues, files that used to play fine, now don't. The default player works best, other, for example mobo player fail completely. Using 720p mkv files. But as sayed they work fine on 2.0. On the subjet of video, getting a lot of crashed while loading videos in the default player. Secondly, the overall experience seems slower, it might have something to with the fact than tegrak overclock could set the 1ghz to default in the previous with preformance setting and it can't in this rom.

    I'll re-install to see if it makes a difference, will let you know.

    Sorry, when reading my piece I sound ungreatfull, but I thing your work is great!

    Happy hollidays.
    Cheers Jeroen

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  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Little update on the above, I've reinstalled v3 but still the same. Tegrak is the same in v2 and v3 so it was my mistake, it should not make a difference. But... v2 does play back the files on moboplayer smooth. On v3 it gives a message that it's not able to use hardware decoding in v2 not. It might have something to with addressing the gpu. Just a guess, your expert.

    Fot now i'll stay at v2, but I hope your the wiser now.


  16. Very nice ROM which saves me a lot of time to find a way to root the offical 2.3.4 from Ainol

    I find a lot of apps from the Market which I couldn't "see" with the 2.2.x and 2.3.4 offical.

    However, there are a few things which I can't do still

    1. Google calendar still doesn't work (and sync)
    2. Brother in Arm 2 said my device is not compatible.

  17. Hey
    Great work, i will soon buy you a beer :)
    Unfortunetly in the latest rom mkv's play with no sound, hope it's fixable cause itţs important, but otherwise itţs a damn good rom.
    If you need hosting for your blog or something send me a mail
    (sorry, posted this comment by mistake at asus ruter)

  18. And what about android 4 for ainol novo 8.?

  19. I tested bluetooth dongle this one,!dl=MBD02 (our local producer) it works very goog :) usb hub is working too. Huwaei e173 works fine, fast and stable link. But I have a lte internet and this modem ins't work with this card so i bought huwaei e353u2 and it works :) but sometimes it require a few minutes (about 1 to 5 minutes) to connect.

  20. Hey, Greet work, love the new Rom, but i am experiencing the same issue in not be able to listen to sound with MKV videos, but i could on V2.0, But thanks none the less.

  21. To all those saying you cannot play mkv with sound please can you let me know what format the sound is in, I have a couple of mkv's I use for testing and they play ok in the default player.

  22. 3.1 Patch added to download section, cures Calendar Sync, Contact Sync and Contact app issues. Download and flash over the top of 3.0.

    No need to format and no data will be lost.

  23. Hey Andy, great work.

    I am not having any issues playing video on my device. I use MX Video Player. Both on screen and HDMI work great. I do have an occasional problem loading various games and other apps, but I just restart the device and it works fine. Overall this is a great rom and I thank you.

  24. In huwaei 353u2 I changed an apn protocol on ipv4/ipv6 and it is working fast and stable just like a e173, no problems :)

  25. Hi Andy!

    Thanx for all the hard work, the new 3.1 Xmas-Rom works very nice!

    I'm also struggling with the Sound-playback with MKV-files (720p). DTS and AC3 sound doesnt play at all.... =( The previous ROM played these files perfectly. I tried 8 videoplayers now. Some of them play AC3 sound and DTS but they all stutter. The standard videoplayer doesnt stutter at all but doenst plat sound. Can this be fixed please?

    btw, gamepad support works flawlessly now, I can play Mario 64 en SNES roms on my big screen, yahoooo!

  26. Great ROM, thx for your job.

    I noticed an issue related to music-playback. While screen is blank sound stutter regardsless it's mp3 or lossless format. Everything is OK while the screen is active. I checked it in 2 players: Meridian and AndLess - the same effect.

    There was no problem with old 2.2.1 ROM from Ainol (Novo-8-V0629.20-C_CH@20110719)

  27. Strange things happen when my Novo8 "sleeps". But freshly rebooted this ROM is very close to perfect! Perhaps a "strong cup of coffe" is needed when coming out of standby? ;-)
    A little follow up on my previous post about problems with access to the SD card after longer non active standby: A few times I got a message that the SD card now is unmounted and is safe to remove. Then I pop the SD out and in again and it works but feels a bit sluggish so the best way is to reboot again, and reboot feels fast. I also tried the app "Rescan SD Card" from Market but no luck.

  28. Great release, and love your work, only problem for me so far is that the HBO GO app that ive used on previous firmwares doesnt work anymore, ive tried numerous versions of the app, but it stutters and audio out of sync, I would love to see this fixed...

  29. Hey, am i able to use this ROM version in China? and do i have to download V2.0 first, or no? Thanks!

  30. I have successfully flashed your new 2.3.4 rom
    However , I do have the following bug to report :
    When mini HDMI is plugged in my NOVO 8 to connect to my 40" LCD TV , the screen of NOVO 8 is black . All the icons of the tablet are shown in the TV .

  31. @ taxman123

    that is not a bug, but not being able to select using double tap is. you could use the trackball to some extent or a usb mouse for moe convienince

  32. I have found a problem when the tablet is plugged into the PSU and there is a USB device attached. It will go into standby OK (using the power button) but cannot be woken up again without hitting the reset button. Tried with both a USB mouse plugged in directly and with the mouse via a hub.
    USB appears to be powered up when in standby.

  33. Hi Andy, Great work your rom, Thanks again ! I tried to play some divx AVI movies with the defaul Video Player, but there's no sound. It occurs with the following movies (AVI) :

    I Am Number Four (2011) DVDRip XviD - MAXSPEED
    Final Destination 5 2011 DVDRip XviD-MAXSPEED

    But Sucker.Punch.2011.DVDRip.XviD-MAXSPEED does work with sound. I am not sure it's really from Maxspeed.



  34. Sorry for not replying sooner not been feeling to great. I shall answer these as best as.

    This is the sort of info I need so thanks very much :) I shall download them and take a look to see if they behave the same and report back.

    I shall have a look at that, The hardware does some odd things at times, my dead tablet tries to wake if you plug a usb lead into it so you never really know what it's up to.

    You are fine to use this in China as it's based on firmware from there so all the Chinese language files are present, you may get the reverse effect that some apps will be in English only where I have to swap out the Chinese only versions.

    I have not tried the HBO app and may not be able to if it does not work outside the US, however I think the flash integration does not work as well as it should. I may have to remove it and make a new release as iPlayer is also not functional for me.

    I had an odd one the other day of some apps not showing until I restarted the launcher I think it may of been a similar thing, maybe by fixing the original power bugs Ainol may have introduced another.

    Do you get the same problems with the two installed players?

    Adrian Sit:
    Google bugs fixed with update, also do you mean Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+ by Gameloft? If so I shall check and report back.

  35. Andy:
    Indeed, the same problems with both players.

  36. Thanks for answering our questions and take care of yourself ! Feeling good about your health is more important : )

  37. Hi Andy,
    Than you so much for all your efforts - it's because of you that I got a Novo 8, knowing that there was someone who cares enough to make it work to its potential.
    I've got many years of software dev under my belt but am an Android numpty, so am more than willing to assist your efforts. If I can be of any help, just let me know...

  38. Hi
    nice job !

    my tablet feel better with your job !
    i hope we will see a honeycomb or an ICS one day !
    1 problem: i have some randomely bugs, the only way i found is to reboot and after its ok.

    sorry for my bad english.

  39. Thus far this new compilation has shown promise but it does seem to have some weird bugs:

    - the scroll ball does not seem to honour the orientation sensor, it always acts as if the tablet is in landscape position. I happen to use the thing mostly in portrait mode (reading PDFs)
    - the ugly white texture problem has reared its head again. In some games textures are shown as white rectangles like in the first release of this series. Chainfire does not change a thing here, no matter which options are used. The *really* weird thing is it sometimes works... and sometimes does not. Heap size should be sufficient at 48 MB so that should not be an issue. It might be that the mali.ko module - which is about 100 KB bigger than the one from the previous version of this series - is to blame. Replacing the whole uImage might show this to be true, or it might not...
    - an issue in general with tablet-related Android (<3.x) is the presence of all that phone-specific stuff which seems to have a detrimental effect on the battery consumption. I removed Phone.apk and TelephonyProvider.apk from my current installation which might have made a difference - at least the thing does not spend most of its time in 'mobile standby' anymore.

    1. Please let me know which games are affected so I can try out, this was mentioned back on an older android 2.2 release and no one ever came back to me about it.

      Market links are best if you can provide.

    2. Need for Speed: Shift
      That was the first app I noticed the return of the white textures. As said, this problem does not occur every time - in fact it has not occurred since the last time I wrote about it. Maybe I need to play this game more often to get conclusive evidence?
      Now as to the solution to the trackball problem - which I have seen to be noticed elsewhere as well - I'd be interested in hearing the options. The original firmware the device came with did not have this problem, the question is whether this was a simple matter of some configuration change or something deeper like a piece of code which watched the device orientation and changes the jogball keymap to match.

    3. You can see the same white texture problem with CK Zombies ( In this games you also get horrible flashing textures (flashes between white, transparent and proper textures fit for a hefty epilepsy attack).

      Some other problems
      -> Volume way too loud, especially through speaker. Minimum volume is at the level you'd expect a few steps from max.
      -> Sd card gets unmounted/powered off on screen off/sleep.

  40. Is Overclocking available in this ROM?

  41. plugged in the Bluetooth USB doggle into the NOVO 8 , paired with Bluetooth GPS Holux M_1000 ...seems not working....
    NOVO says " paired but not connected" to connect ? anyone knows ? ..thx

    1. What are you connecting to? does it ask for a passcode or anything?

  42. Hi Andy,
    I plugged USB Modem EVDO Huawei EC1260-2 to the NOVO 8, after a few seconds cellular operator name appears but still can not connect internet.
    Is it possible to add driver for USB Modem EVDO Huawei EC1260-2 ???

    1. This sounds much like similar issues I answered before, check out my thread here . . .

      Check out post 11 on the MP4 Nation thread here

  43. Hey, I have found a bug (at least on my tablet.) I turn on my tablet and everything loads and works fine. Unfortunately, when my tablet goes to sleep, I cannot access apps that are stored on the SD card once I wake it up. All apps on the SD card f/c. I have checked the settings menu and it shows the SD card still there. I have tried to dismount the SD card and then mount it back but once dismounted it will not mount back. The solution is to restart the tablet.
    I have updated to version 3.1 but problem continues.
    Anyone else having this issue?

    1. Dustin, you don't have restart tablet. Just remove and insert SD card back. This solution works on my tab.

    2. Also try just restarting the ADW desktop, on the main home screen press the menu button and select More-->ADW Settings-->Restart ADW that does the trick for me sometimes.

  44. Hello! I wonder if you can help me, I do not know what I did, but after upgrading my tablet will not turn, sits on a black screen, it is possible to reinstall the rom?
    Note: My English is terrible, I'm from Brazil.

  45. Dustin79 & frederic: I can confirm the issue. I wonder if the bug is related to NTFS file system or to big capacity of my SD card (32GB). When I use 2GB SD formatted as FAT32 the issue is not applicable.
    I could use this 32GB SD without the issue on the old original ROM 2.2.1

  46. @artuz...I also am using a 32GB card. Mine is formatted as FAT32 though because the Novo8 manual (I have an English version) says to use FAT32. I do not have a smaller card available to test but you might be correct.

  47. I have 8GB card with FAT32. Same issue was on UK v.2 firmware

  48. @artuz & @dustin, also 32Gb FAT32 and also no problem with original firmware...

    any idea Andy?

    Except this issue (and perhaps foreign languages) this rom is great. Thanks a lot for your work.

  49. Ok, I managed to revive the tablet with these instructions:

  50. Hi i would just like to ask,will this firmware

    run on novo 7 advanced also?

  51. Hi jayl,

    No this will not run on the Novo 7's they are far too different. I was looking onto the 7's firmware for a company in the UK but there does not seem to be any unpackers/repackers for it so it makes it difficult to run up a similar custom firmware.

  52. Quick update,

    There seems to be a bugfixed version of the rom used to produce V3.0 so I shall look into that over the next few days. might cure some of the issues reported here.

  53. Good job!
    Thanks for the great rom.
    It is a pity that there is no Polish language. :)
    The problem with USB bluetooth 3.0 "TRUST" Novo no reaction.
    Greetings from Polish!

    1. Do you mean USB 3.0 or Bluetooth 3.0? I would imagine either way there are most likely no drivers. The little cheap BT dongles on eBay about the size of coin seem to work best as they are very generic.

  54. Hello.

    Thank you very much for your work.

    Android 4.01 ICS for Novo 8 News!!



    1. Very very interesting :) Thanks for the heads up. I shall have a look into this and see what it's all about.

      The only downside is we might loose some of the functionality that my 3.x releases have as they depend on the sources from Cheeyee.

    2. I just tried to translate the Polish guys and ot seems that it does work, but without functionality off wi-fi, usb pc to novo, ac3 audio. Nevertheless it's a great start having it running, and I can't wait for a better working version.

      I will try it in a couple of minutes.

    3. The original rom comes from Poland.
      Chinese guys from imp3 flashed and said something wrong in the wifi

    4. Nop. This rom comes from one Russian guy JackDeer
      He reworked it from Ramos W6HD firmware. Therefore the hardware problems exist.

  55. Thanks for the ROM! Great Job!

    However, my wifi keep disconnecting, is it something that I can do to fix it?


  56. Hi Andy.
    First of all, thanks for the hard and very well done work.

    Two issues, I noticed:
    1) I'm experiencing a problem that it seems nobody reported yet. When I use any File Manager (whatever it is - ES, X or native), the system starts degrading more and more until it stop responding completely. I tried reinstal it a few times, but the problem persists. Is it just with me or there are others experiencing this issue?
    2) I also noticed that when trying to restart the device, either by software or hardware, it turns off, requiring that, manually, I turn it on again.

  57. Hello andy. Thank efforts of
    I am writing from Turkey. I installed the 3.1 patch. Turkish language support, but did not come.
    Besides these are the internal memory of the device seems to have been canceled. sd card seems to only
    Is the current Turkish rom?

  58. Hi Andy.
    Thanks for the ROM. Great job.
    One thing to report. I tried to install chainfire from the Market but I got that the device was incompatible. Managed to install through Appbucket. However most wildfire apps won't load because they are incompatible.
    Any thoughts?

  59. HiAndy
    Thanks for this great ROM.
    i wanted to ask if the JIT is enabled in this rom


  60. Hello andy. Thank efforts of
    I am writing from Turkey. I installed the 3.1 patch. Turkish language support, but did not come.

    Besides these are the internal memory of the device seems to have been canceled. sd card seems to only.

  61. Does anyone know the comm port no. of the NOVO 8 USB ?

  62. After having tested v3.1 ROM for some time now I can say some words. It's not so good as it was looking first minutes. ROM looks very nice, but it's very buggy in the same time. I listed all glitches by importance below;

    1) Android Marketplace is behaving by very strange way. First time I flashet this ROM and then updated into 3.1 straight away without even booting it up in between that, marketplace showed many more pieces of software than v2.0 that's right, but if I open any of them it says (it's not compatible with your device). Here it stops, no way to install, what the point of seeing them on the list. Second time reflashed it and did not install 3.1 update straight away, jus set up my google account and was able to download and install all soft with no problems, but had no sync with google calendar, contact and email. Later I flashed that update and first day all was still ok, but later marketplace started to behave the same way, not compatible, bla bla... and it rendered marketplace useless again.... (very important issue)
    2) It keeps unmounting SD card (32 gb) constantly itself, it always happening after rebooting or just for no reason after device wakes up. I have to re-insert SD card every time to make it working again. If it will go for longer like that I can damage this quite expensive (32gb) memory (very important issue).
    3) ROM keeps crashing quite often, but I can live with that.
    4) after some time ROM gets very slow, rebooting resolves issue but not for long time.
    5) New ROM lost all tose good advanced hardware video decoding capabilities, not friendly with some avi and no way with mkv files, like stock ROM. ROM v2.0 had this problem resolved, now we came back again. Can live with that though.
    6) My USB GPS receiver is not working. But his is not very important.

    btw, previous ROM v2 was much better in performance, no any slow downs of crashes, just that power issue and marketplace issue (different).

    Can you pls release some pach to fix marketplace issue? Would not like to make clean install after customizing and configuring device for whole week time.


  63. Thank you for your effort Andy. It's work on my Novo 8 Advanced. Good work!!!