Resurrecting a Samsung S32D850T PSU now live πŸŽ‰

Everyone please update your bookmarks as I now have a proper domain of registered for this blog, the blogspot address still works but some site features like followers and such no longer behave when that address is used.
I shall be looking to slowly add more feature to the site but rom development comes first :)


  1. Hello, I am a brand new Novo 8 owner and have been following your progress on MP4Nation. I noticed in one of your posts that you want to upgrade the Wifi antenna. Have you done this? I have your version 2 update on my Novo 8 and love it. My Wifi is weak (not terrible, but could be better) so I am also interested in upgrading it if possible.

  2. I have not upgraded the antenna on my current unit as it works fine (as well as they do) if I ever get my dead unit working again that will be the one used for experiments :)

  3. Hi! Happy New Year for everyone!!! I have an Ainol Novo8 Advanced 8", 16GB version (I buy from ebay - and have many problem with it (I install the Novo8_2.3.4UK_V3.0):

    - when I use the tablet, it go OFF sometimes and stay in OFF mode
    - when I plug the AC charger - while is charge - the tablet is go ON and when load the OS is go OFF and replay this till the charger is plugged in
    - when I plug the USB Internet stick in the USB port, the tablet go in OFF mode
    - I haven't active ETHERNET option (is gray) in MAIN OPTIONS so I can't activate the ETHERNET ON or OFF

    Please HELP ME in this problems!!!

    Thanks, Stefi.

  4. A big thank to you Andy! My ainol is now a good tablet and it's your work...


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