Resurrecting a Samsung S32D850T PSU

Quick update on 3.x firmware progress

  • Getting there...

Just a quick post to let all of you watchers know how things are going. The new 3.0 version is currently in testing and will be released sometime between xmas and new year. The power bugs present in the first releases are no longer present so no more random waking up and all that rubbish.

Quick feature and bugs list:

  • Currently English/Chinese only, I may release this first then do a 3.1 release for Multi Language.
  • YouTube app seems to have developed a stutter all of a sudden.
  • Oddly though flash performance in the browsers is much better so YouTube works great in the browsers.
  • iPlayer app and broswer performance still a bit off but much better, not tried at 190-200dpi but the really bad stutter from before is gone and it just hesitates for a frame or two or plays at a lower frame rate.
  • Lots of updates to all the included apps so latest Google Maps, Market and so on.
  • I'm trying to find someway to install certain apps after installation such as Flash and Skype as these really do not like being cooked into the rom, if I can't then I shall at least include the ones you cannot get from the market in the download so you can install them yourself.
  • Other little things that I can't remember right now :)

It's coming and coming soon so watch this space . . .


It seems a new firmware has been released, possibly an official non beta 2.3.4 so I'm going to stop work on the current version I have and restart on that one, It will not add much delay to the release but will be worth the wait if it fixes some more bugs.


  1. Where i can found a source repository to download for testing and devel ??

  2. This is great news. You do really good work. I have read that installing Chainfire 3D helps to improve many games. Do you have an opinion on that with your rom?

  3. Hello Autor,

    There is no source code to download, I basically take one of the releases from the Chinese imp3 forum and work my magic to produce a working English firmware with all the extra stuff added.

    Ainol themselves do not release or publish the source code, the various releases just appear on the imp3 forum so I have to keep watch over there.

  4. Hi Dustin79,

    Chainfire3d is totally amazing on this device, any of the videos you see with games like Samurai Vengance and other Tegra games are using Chainfire. With my firmware you are able to download Chainfire3d and buy the Pro key to make full use of it. you will also want to go here and grab the plugins so you can emulate the Tegra tablet. I should get round to writing a proper guide for this one day as it's what makes the tablet so great :)

  5. My HTC phone recently got a 2.3.5 update, any chance of working on that one?

    Is there a possibility for a Honeycomb rom or is that just to much work?

  6. News from openlinux.amlogic!
    please, see the download page and perhaps there are the kernel sources.

    Good luck!

  7. Keep up the great work Andy! Looking forward to the next release for sure, Thanks again you rock!

    \m/ (>.<) \m/

  8. New version released, check front page :)

  9. i found some web video playing is not as good as the previous rom (the one which wake up in sudden until the battery flattern)
    when i Play the below link in privous rom, it was smooth in both sound and video, however in this rom it lag intermittenly.

  10. plugged in the Bluetooth USB doggle into the NOVO 8 , paired with Bluetooth GPS Holux M_1000 ...seems not working....
    NOVO says " paired but not connected" to connect ? anyone knows ? ..thx

  11. Closing comments for this post as new version released.