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Ainol Novo 8 Advanced 2.3.4 Rooted UK Rom V4.0

Update March 2021:

Fixed the download links at the bottom of the page. All versions can also be found here:
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Original Post:

A long time coming I know but here it is the new shiny super duper V4.0 release of my firmware. The main reason for the delay was waiting to find a firmware to base it on that offered something more than just a minor update.
To keep things short and sweet the Readme will now be kept on a separate page Click Here and a plain text copy is in the download. Check out the Changelog/What's New below then get your download and enjoy. Screen shots after the download links.

Changelog/What's New:
Key: :New :Updated :Information :Important :Removed
07/04/2012 Version 4.0
Newer base firmware based on cheeyee and tomx2h releases
English only release, Multi Language may follow
Google Maps will Force Close if you have no active Wifi or Data connection,this is the way the app works and not a bug
Flash and Skype removed as they only semi worked. You can install these from the market
Modified Google Play Store gives the best results yet. Still not perfect but improves on last firmware
Play Store must not be updated, auto updater removed to prevent this. Any updates will remove the modded version
build.prop altered with HTC Flyer data (closest match to our tablet) again results have improved in the Market
All included Google Apps, Facebook and Dolphin are latest versions as of compliling the Firmware
Root explorer because it would still give Chinese menus, ES File Manager is just as good when given root access rights
New Statusbar icons for Home, Menu, Up, Down and Back (See screenshots)
The wallpaper app that was in Chinese I have converted to English, look for 'ICS Wallpapers'
Separate Latitude.apk (now comes with Maps) and Car Home (Too small for our screens)
For UK users iPlayer and latest Flash seem to play Medium quality streams without any problems, High quality is broken in iPlayer by the looks of it as setting it makes no difference over Medium


Ainol Novo 8 2.3.4 UK Rom V4.0 @


Click for full size images. Apps that have been pixelised are not included.


Ainol Novo 8 2.3.4 UK Rom V4.0 @


Click for full size images. Apps that have been pixelised are not included.

  • New Status Bar Icons

    New Status Bar Icons

  • All the apps you need to get you started

    All the apps you need to get you started

  • And then a few more

    And then a few more

  • Angry Birds is installable, Google prevents it on uncertified devices

    Angry Birds now installable

  • Skype is installable, Google blocks this if the tablet does not have certain abilities

    Skype now installable

  • Google Play Music, has a nice coverflow feature

    Google Play Music has a nice coverflow feature

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  1. HURRAY!!! I will download and install tonight.

  2. Could you make Bootupscreen back to default?
    Modified Droid mascot doesn't look good...

    1. Hi Tera,

      I'm guessing you mean the wallpaper, the included 'ICS Wallpaper' app has the background that was used as default in the last release so you can set it to that or one of the other included ones. You can also use Dolphin Browser to use any image you like, long press on the image and pick 'Set as wallpaper' from the menu that pops up (you may have to scroll down)

      Hope that helps :)

    2. Andy, thanks for res.

      But I didn't mean "wallpaper".
      I meant the screen that "first" displayed "holding-arms-Droid" when device turn on. (like BIOS-logo on computers)
      That's not so nice...but not so important.
      It can be ignored if no other people agree with me.

    3. That first image is inside one of the system .img files that I cannot as yet unpack or edit. I quite like it personally but if at some point the image could be changed then I would certainly look into offering some other choices.

  3. Looking good so far. Can you say what version of the Cheeyee ROM this is based on? Is it safe to apply patch8d to improve jitter response?

    Also, It would be really useful to have a copy of Titanium Backup incorporated as that makes it a lot easier to restore account settings etc. when moving ROMs.

    Finally, Baidu Input. Is this relevant to an English-only distribution?

    1. The jitter response patch is included in the firmware, look in the USB Device Manager app and it has two settings for Mains and Battery to fine tune the correction. Not played about with the values but it does make a difference to the touch screen.

    2. I shall have a look into adding the free version of Titanium Backup, as long as it plays nice when being integrated should not be an issue.

      Baidu Input can be uninstalled but I left it in there for now as I found the Chinese Novo8 forums were posting and using my firmware because it has all the Google stuff packaged in. I suppose I could do a version with and without Baidu would not make huge odds.

    3. Sorry, what I meant was does it include the further dejitter work done in patch 8d as opposed to the original dejitter work that wasn't so effective.

    4. Looking at the date of the tomx2h release which I used it looks he integrated patch8 but 8d came out much later. I'm going to download 8d and have a poke round to see what's doing. Hopefully I can release a patch to update 4.0 as well as make a 4.1 release for those who have already installed 4.0

      Might see about putting Titanium in as well :)

  4. Hi Andy, Great work your rom, Thanks again ! I tried to play the same divx AVI movies again with the defaul Video Player, but there's still no sound. It occurs with the following movies (AVI) :

    I Am Number Four (2011) DVDRip XviD - MAXSPEED
    Final Destination 5 2011 DVDRip XviD-MAXSPEED

    But Sucker.Punch.2011.DVDRip.XviD-MAXSPEED does work with sound. I am not sure it's really from Maxspeed.



    1. Hi Hawai,

      I did try 'I Am Number Four (2011) DVDRip XviD-MAXSPEED' which is a 1.6GB file that I grabbed off a torrent, I did not test under the 3.x releases but on 4.0 it has played fine for me under the stock Video Player from a 2GB no name USB Pendrive. Mediainfo reports my copy as being 720x384 XVID with 6ch AC3 for comparison. I also repacked it from AVI to MKV and again it played without issue.

      Can you try the 1920x1080 MP4 version (has AC3 audio) of Big Buck Bunny and see how that plays as that will ensure we are both testing with a definite identical file. URL for it is

  5. Thanks for this I thought you forgot about novo8! Please keep improving as you have the most promising builds....


    4.1 patch coming up in the next day or two (testing some more first) Features updated touchscreen jitter fix and the addition of Titanium Backup (free version)

    Also I have changed the build.prop to give the Novo 8 the appearance of an Acer Iconia A500 which looks to have fixed Tegra games appearing in the market. I just bought and downloaded Samurai II: Vengeance THD and Fruit Ninja THD Free directly from the market. You still need Chainfire3D to run these games but it should mean you can play Tegra games without downloading naughty versions. Need to test further (another fresh install again) but it does work.

    If you want to install 4.0 you can as the patch will install on top without needing a wipe. A full 4.1 release and 4.0>4.1 patch will be available.

  7. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the updates. ROM works really well. Of all the things I have tested the only problem I have is playing mkv video through the stock video player. The actual videos work a treat - none of the other players are a patch on the stock player. Unfortunately the sound doesn't work in all cases.
    The test video I use is the IMAX Hubble documentary. The graphics are great with no break up but no sound.
    I also have used the Pioneer One series available as a free download from Great SCIFI series. The player plays the video and sound from this mkv file no problem. So it doesn't seem to be a consistent problem.
    Anyway keep up the great work. My NOVO 8 is a real joy to use thanks to your efforts.

    1. Hi pashby,

      Any chance of a link for the IMAX Hubble docu? I can then test it out at this side, it does seem to be hit and miss for people but if I can test with exactly the same files I should be able to see why.

    2. Sorry Andy - I've tried different sites but the links no longer work. I'll try other videos and see if I can replicate the problem.

    3. No worries, alternatively if you are on one of the forum sites where I also post this firmware pm me and we can sort out maybe you sending me the file directly.

  8. I am only moderatly tech savoy, i bought one of these for my wife for her birthday and I want to add the new rom for her with all the bells and whistles. I think i have this process down but if there is anyway you could explain a few things in more detail that would be great
    when flashing-i have an old laptop and it doesnt take microsd, should i buy a microsd card with sd adapter and add the zip (unziped) that way and then insert to novo 8 and proceed that way?
    or can i put the sd in a smartphone, and then plug into my computer and format or load the sd that way?

    also should i have the power cord plugged in during the boot to give added power?

    also i have read some blogs where people have mentioned removing the sd card before reboot is this necessary.

    I appreciate your time and all you've done



    1. Hi Adam,

      You are correct if you have not got a microSD slot on your lappy then a cheap adapter will do or better yet search 'usb microSDHC reader' on ebay and get a dedicated usb dongle for a couple of quid/dollars/whathaveyou which will read both normal and SDHC style cards without issue.

      Regarding installation it's just a case of downloading the latest version and unpacking the .zip to you SD card do not unpack the that's inside the download just copy it over. (tip if you have a spare low capacity card you don't normally use then this is ideal for the job, if not use your normal one)

      Make sure your Novo is fully charged the shut down the tablet with the power cord removed so it actually is off, then insert your SD card into the slot. Press POWER & VOL+ until the tablet boots up and takes you into the recovery menu. Using the VOL+ and VOL- keys you can move up and down the menu, use the back key (just above the trackball) to select your choice.

      In turn highlight and select the three wipe entries, two will bring up a further option to press a 'Yes i'm sure' entry so just follow that through.

      After the wipes select 'Install update from SD' and it will give a file list of your card. Select the (if you have an empty card should be only entry, if not keep scrolling with VOL+/- until it appears) and the install process will start. Wait for it to churn through what it needs to do and the menu will reappear. Select 'Reboot' and the tablet will power off. You can now power up the tablet, I normally leave my SD card out on first boot mainly because of testing habits, first boot will take an age while things are unpacking and setting up but be patient and all will be good. Once booted leave it for a couple of mins for good measure and then go and set up date/time and such in the settings. You can then put the SD card back in and start enjoying the new firmware.

      Hope that helps you out, if you wait a few days version 4.1 with added extras and some new features will be released.

  9. I also came across this procedure to root novo 8 has anyone had any luck with this one?


    Procedure to Update ainol novo 8 with Gingerbread 2.3.4:

    So before we proceed, download the ainol novo Gingerbread package from the downloads section in your computer. Now connect the ainol novo 8 tablet with the computer using the USB cable which you got at the time of purchase.
    Now, copy the downloaded zip file as it is to your device and remove the connected USB cable & turn Off the device so that device can be entered into the recovery mode.
    The recovery mode can be entered by “Pressing Volume+ Key and Press the Power button simultaneously” to turn your device ON in the recovery mode. Please note that just in case if the device boots in the normal mode then you need to again try entering into the recovery mode.
    Once you are into the Recovery mode, clear the cache 2 – 3 times by selecting the option “clear cache now” and then “choose zip from sd card” if you have placed the file in the sd card to select the file which you have placed in the device.
    Once the file is selected, within 10 minutes the device will be updated successfully and also it will get rooted automatically. Now, select “++++ Go BACK ++++” and choose “reboot system now” to reboot the Phone. Just in an unlikely event if the process is interrupted then you will have to repeat the whole procedure from the start so as to again successfully update the phone.


    4.1 currently on hold as a patch release, cheeyee has released new version of his firmware with even better jitter correction for the touch screen, downside is that it means full reinstall due to his fixes. I shall have a look over the weekend and see if I can get the a release out.

    1. Cheers. Thank you for all work.
      I found that
      Is there a novo 8 version with ICS?

      Best regards, Murilo.

    2. At a guess I would say they are selling it with one of the backport ICS firmwares that are on imp3 and XDA. Most of these are advanced betas but all have various performance issues. If any of the firmwares reach a stage where they are as good if not better than the Gingerbread firmwares then I might look at modding one.

      It would be nice if Ainol remembered us Novo8 owners and made a genuine ICS rom, just a basic one that could be built upon.

  11. I took step by step sceen shots of my 3.X Flash in OneNote. I would be happy to email these for those trying to flash for the first time. Can't wait to get 4.1. My daughter's user experience jumped 10 fold the last week. Thanks Andy.

    1. Hi websling72,

      If you are on one of the forums linked in the post pm me and I shall be happy to host up your guide on the site. 4.1 hopefully will be done over the weekend need to sit and crack on with it.

  12. *STOP PRESS*

    New FIRMWARE release. Head to the frontpage now :)

  13. Hi Andy.
    A bit sad at the moment. Waited for 4.1 and installed it as normal. Unfortunately the Cortex A9 screen stays firmly locked in place. Tried a couple of SD cards and repeated the download twice to check the validity of the download. If 4.1 works for others I'll try 4.0 and see if it goes. Otherwise I'll go back to the 3 versions.
    Appreciate your thoughts


    1. Hi pashby and Andy.
      I think i have the same problem.
      I had v.3 installed on my white 8 gb novo 8 advanced. All was ok.
      Tried to install v.4.1 at least 4 or 5 times and the arm cortex screen stays locked or even turns off in a few seconds after the cortex screen appears.
      Tried to reinstall v.3 again and i couldn´t anyway. The same problem.
      Tried with original ainol 627 firmware and it worked.
      Tried with other custom roms from the web and it worked. (I dont like them, prefer yours)
      Tried with usb image tools and novo-8-update.img from novo8tools 20110719 and i got froyo.
      Tried again with all your releases and the same result. I cant believe it.
      I´m desesperated and i would be very grateful if you could help me.
      Sorry for my english and thanks a lot for your excellent job

    2. Hi
      even I'm experiencing the same problem as Pashby and Andy.
      the screen remains stuck at the cortex loading screen.
      I've tried all the different possible solutions as mentioned by the guys above, but to no avail.
      would be grateful if you could help us soon !
      *your ROMs are always a treat and makes this nothing of a tablet a great one !

  14. will it work on "Ainol Novo 8 FIND(Discover)"??????

    1. Hi Ramzan,

      This will not work on the Discover as it's a completely different unit inside.


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