Resurrecting a Samsung S32D850T PSU

An update . . .

Hello fellow Novo 8'ers
Firstly I want to say the site is not dead, I'm not dead and neither is my Novo 8. 🙂
I have not put much time into the rom development of late as my work has been leaving me brain fried at the end of the day so I have not been able to sit down and want to work on it.I plan to recommence work soon in roughly the following order:

  1. Create a version 3.x SE for folks stuck on that version, like Pashby and Nacho who's units refuse to run the 4.x releases for what ever reason this will give you some of the benefits of the later releases within your units capabilities. Main things will be tweaks and updates including the Tegra and Market mods
  2. The 4.0SE release I promised will get done for those who cannot get 4.1 to run due to the touchscreen bug that crops up on certain units. As mentioned before this will be the updated touchscreen fix I was working on before 4.1 along with the Tegra and Market mods
  3. 4.1 will not be updated as a release it was pretty spot on (aside from the touchscreen bug some folks have) Cheyee on china digital has been producing updates to his rom I base mine on at a crazy rate, the differences are too great for a patch to be effective so I shall start with a brand new 5.x release run which will bring me back into line with his base firmwares with all the goodies he has been adding

Long term I would love to see the features from Paranoid Android added in as that would give so much flexibility to the tablet that it would be a true power users device. In theory using the Per-App-Layout and on the fly DPI adjustments you could have a hires desktop but drop the DPI down a notch when using iPlayer or playing a Tegra game to give much needed performance boosts. This is a personal big wish but way outside my current skills.

My thanks to all of you who have tried my various releases and your feedback. Watch this space . . .


  1. Hi Andy
    Thanks for thinking of me. The good news is that after a couple of reflashes I have been able to get 4.0 to work on my Novo. No matter how many times I tried 4.1 it failed.
    I hope that your brain doesn't get to fried. My son has just been to London for a wedding and it rained most of the time he was there so a cooling shower may help with the frying!
    Keep up your great work and thanks again for your ROMS.

    1. Hi pashby, good to hear you finally got the later releases working. Did you do anything different that might help others?

  2. Hello. You Create Good rom with many features.
    Can you add DVB-T dongle support in android Gingerbread?
    It is thread about ainol 7 advanced with support DVB-t
    Maybeye it is similiar to Ainol8 and you may make it?

    1. My second post.
      This rom have
      External FM radio support and Voice/SMS with Huawei 3G modems.
      Do a lot of work would be the addition of this?
      (Write - use Google Translate)
      In polish:
      Czy dużo pracy byłoby z dodaniem tego?

    2. I'm not clever enough to do that sort of thing just yet, Cheeyee is the man for that sort of stuff over on China Digital he is forever releasing newer firmwares with all sort of exciting things added in.

  3. YES! Seems like 4.0.4 has correct mali graphic drivers now.. just some dpi settings to get it fully working.
    I'm waiting for your rom, as its been the best in the past, most thought through with the most "complete" Google Play.
    Good luck.

  4. Thanks for all your after work hours on the NOVO 8 advanced. Still love the 3.X and waiting patient for what comes of the next SE's and 5.0. Hope you are enjoying some Olympics. I came accross a site selling the 8 adv with ICS, but the reviews reflected the intergration issues of the customization from Ainol. I'm glad you and Cheyee have been collaborating so well. Have a great week!

  5. I shall take a peek at the current ICS based releases and see how things are shaping up, Doing my bit to them would be fairly straight forward but it would mean loosing a lot of the extra bits that Cheeyee's work produces as they are built for Gingerbread based roms.


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