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Ainol Novo 8 Advanced 2.3.4 Rooted UK Rom V4.0se

  • Version 4.0SE released

Update March 2021:

Fixed the download links at the bottom of the page. All versions can also be found here: Ainol NOVO8 Firmware links

Original Post:

No hanging around, it's time for another update πŸ™‚
First up, if you are using 4.1 without issues then there is nothing exciting here for you. This release is specifically for whoever cannot get the 4.1 firmware to behave on their tablet due to the updated touchscreen jitter fix causing their touchscreens to not work. This updated release has the fix from Cheeyee's patch 8d that was made before he changed it to become part of the kernel.

I have bundled the latest Flash player apk into the download as Adobe are meant to be pulling it from the store. Integrating it into the firmware never works quite right because Flash likes to spread itself around so once you have installed the firmware just use App Installer to scan your SD Card and install from there.

Because of the time between 4.0 coming out and this release making an update patch would cause more problems than solve so this is a new full release that will need to be installed from scratch. To make life easier Titanium Backup has been added so you can easily backup and restore your apps, data, passwords and such with minimal fuss.

When installed the Novo8 will show up as 'Ainol Novo8 4.0se Advanced' on the Google Play store, it may take it's time to pick up the Chainfire 3d Market Fixes if you install them. I had to Force Close, Clear Data and reset the tablet before they took hold but once done it worked fine.

Changelog/What's New:
Key: :New :Updated :Information :Important :Removed
15/08/2012 Version 4.0se

Most of the included apps from 4.0 have been updated, a couple of new ones and some useless stuff removed.
Jitter fix from Cheeyee patch 8d should improve things over the original 4.0.
Tegra fingerprint to allow Tegra downloads. See 'How to play Tegra games' section.
Latest Videoplayer from Cheeyee patch13 should help some playback issues.
Replaced Market with patched Play Store from 4.1 to allow more apps to be installed.
Titanium backup (free) included speed up restoring apps and data.


If you mirror the file please let me know so I can add it here.

Ainol Novo 8 2.3.4 UK Rom V4.0se @


  1. Hi Andy
    Couldn't wait to try the SE ROM. Downloaded extracted and placed on my 16 Gig SD card. Went through all the install steps carefully but I couldn't get the Novo to boot. Tried 3 times - no go just sat there and looked at me.
    During one of my other tablet upgrades I had to get a 2 gig SD card and in desperation I thought I would try and install from this card. Not a problem - straight in.
    So it may be a problem with the card size - some food for thought.
    Looking foward to giving the ROM a good work out.

    1. Hi pashby,

      Glad to hear it's working for you hope you enjoy it :) Sounds like the SD Card could be the issue. I use a 2GB Class 4 and a 16GB Class 2 (both no name ones) for installing from and have not had any issues. that said the 16GB used to never work quite right in my brothers phone.

      Hopefully this will help some of the others out there who have been having issues with installing the rom.

  2. I have issues that my novo8 g sensor won't work when i play games like racing or anythimg that use g sensor.. Also in deting no g sensor calibration... I need help how to solve this problems...

  3. No g sensor calibration in setting

  4. Hopefully G-Sensor issues will be resolved in my next release, there is a known bug in the underlying firmware I build mine on that causes certain games to respond poorly or not at all to the G-Sensor.

    I personally at present cannot play Temple Run as you need to tilt the tablet to make the little bloke move around but most apps can see the sensor well enough to rotate and such.

    Watch this space as I shall make sensor testing a must do when testing the next release.

  5. Replies
    1. Hi shik0,

      Sorry to hear it's not behaving for you, a couple of other users found that changing the SD Card they were flashing from seemed to sure this bug, check out Pashby's notes at the top of this comment section.

      There is no hard and fast solution on this some people like myself can flash first time every time and some need to have a couple of goes to make it stick or change SD cards.

      Give it another go with another SD Card if you can, if you still are not having luck try flashing an older version or stock firmware on and then try again. Remember to make sure you perform the 3 wipes in the flash menu to clear the tablet of any older data with every flash attempt.

  6. Great, it works!
    Thanks a lot!

    Only problem: I'm French & I can't change the keyboard from qwerty to Azerty

    Thanks in advance for helping!


  7. Just checking on my unit you should be able to bring up AZERTY French by going to Settings>Language & Keyboard>Android Keyboard>Input Languages then check Francais.

    Next time you goto type something in the space bar will show < English > on it, hold and swipe and it should change to Francais and give you AZERTY. You can also uncheck English if you only want the AZERTY layout.

    1. Thanks a lot
      Inbetween, I installed an app to get a bigger keyboard, in French (can't remember the name right now). But sometimes it doesn't work.
      I'll try your solution!

      Now my younger son is waiting for a new update to be able to play Temple Run :)

      Great work btw!

  8. dear andy, i realy value your work. I've used the 2.34 version for a long time. Until a friend of mine showed me a link to a ICS version for the anoil 8. I tried that one out of curiosity but after a day I got fed up with the crashes. I wanted to return to your rom but I keep getting verification error, install aborted. I've tried everything from changing sd cards to charged and uncharged reinstall. nothinf helps. aNY GOOD IDEAS?

    Regards, and keep up the good work.


    1. Hi Michael,

      I believe the ICS roms change a lot of things including the recovery software, the chances are the problem you are having is because my releases use the older signature to match the genuine firmware. You may have to do a full flash back to the original Chinese firmware then come back to mine from there.

      Check out the long post from ToΓ±o Cofrades in the comments here he found a step by step how-to on re-flashing the original firmware if your tablet bricks which worked for him, the same should work for you as it bypasses whatever is on the tablet.

  9. Just checked and the link in this post works fine,it's on my personal FTP space so should not be any problems. If you are really stuck let me know and I shall upload elsewhere.


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