Sunday, 7 October 2012

Version 5.0 in progress

Just a quick post to let you all know that a new version is on the way. I'm trying some new things here and there including some different launchers so watch this space. . .


  1. Nice! Will it be ICS based?
    Thanks for your great work! :)

  2. Hi Paulo,

    This is still going to be gingerbread based. At present with it offers us the best stability. I would love to make an ICS rom but would hate to loose a lot of the functionality that Cheeyee adds. ICS or JellyBean would offer lots of prettiness but we would loose quite a bit in exchange.

  3. JellyBean is faster than ICS.
    I think it would be better to wait for making a JellyBean based one!

    1. Either ICS of JB would be nice but as mentioned before there are versions out there being made but I personally would hate to lose some of the great additions that we have from cheeyees work. If I knew he was doing his thing to one of the ICS or JB releases I might consider taking a closer look.

  4. Hello everyone.I use version 4.0se on my novo 8 advanced after trying v.4.0

    without success(touch screen not responsive),and works great and fast.Million

    thanks for that.Anyway,I have 2 issues to report regarding:
    1.micro sd card drops on sleep now. It is a SanDisk 16gb class 4.
    Drops only if passing more than around 10 min,otherwise it's ok.
    Tried different card(2gb) and same happened.
    To get it to work after it drops I either have to reboot or unmount sd,

    remove card from slot and plug it back in.Searching for similar issue,found

    only one case reported but no answer or solution.
    2.mouse connected via usb is laggy but for me not a real problem because
    not using so much.
    Thank's again for great work.

    1. Update for my previous post.
      Despite I experienced the random unmount of 2 different sd cards
      i talked above,tried another card(micro sd hc 8gb class4 kingston)and problem is gone.
      I hope this may help others(if any), who experience same problem to get rid of it.
      All the best.

    2. Hi Colcer,

      Thanks for your comments, the SD card bug seems to be pretty random I have not had it happen too often to me but it does seem to be a problem for some more than others. Much like the touch screen issue it just looks lie a case of how lucky you are.

  5. Hi bro i love your roms please creat an ics rom for novo 8 .........many of us is waiting for a great ics rom for novo 8..

  6. Replies
    1. As mentioned above I am not currently looking to work on an ICS rom for various reasons. One day I may but to be honest I think we shall loose to much just for some extra prettiness in the menus and layout.

  7. Hello Andy,My name is Antonio, I'm from Spain. Just bought a Novo 8 Advanced tablet.I would like to know, how I can install the firmware and which should I install.I don't understand much of tablets.I would be very grateful.

    1. Hi there,

      At present the best version to install is 4.1 as that is the latest release you can get it from this post

      To install it follow the guide here to use the recovery mode use Vol+ and Vol- to move up and down and the back key (the one just above the track ball) to select what you want to do. If you get stuck just ask :)

  8. Hi Andy,

    Firstly thank you for the quick response and for the info.
    And now ask for your help! :´´´(
    I did everything as you indicated, the three wipes and then install the. Zip, all right, but on reboot the screen
    not work. I thought about fix repeating the process again. off the device and
    turn it on by pressing the power button and vol +, but that's the problem, not the screen again
    to install the main. stuck zip with logo Ainol and I have to click the little button
    reset. I tried pressing the power button with other buttons does not work.
    I read on your blog that someone had the problem of the screen, but not how to fix it.
    would be very happy if you would help me and my 4 year old more! :-p
    I hope your answer!
    great thank you very much ........

  9. Hi Andy!
    I imagine that you would read my post above, say that I have solved the problem! There is a blog for Spain where encotre the solution. I have little idea of tablets but I managed to recover the factory firmnware!
    I leave you the steps I followed. Now knowing the solution I will try installing again v 4.1. Many thank you very much, but this time I've just read has helped me a lot and I've found the solution!

    B Image Tool Firmware Update Procedure

    1. Download the Novo 8 Tools zip file which is specifically for firmware 20110719:

    - Please note that each new firmware will have its own tools file.

    2. Download the following USB Image Tool:

    3. Using a Micro SD Card (preferably 1-4GB) & Card reader, connect the card reader with MicroSD Card inserted to a computer.

    4. Back up any files already on the Micro SD Card first, once that is done format the card whilst making sure you select FAT 32.

    5. Launch USB Image Tool and select RESTORE then browse for the file: novo-8-update.img (from the novo tools package)

    This process will create an image on the Micro SD Card which will then be displayed in My Computer as an empty disk, this is correct. Insert the Micro SD Card into the Novo 8 tablet whilst turned off (please make sure there is at least 20% battery life).

    To begin flashing with the latest firmware, press and hold the POWER & VOL+ buttons together for approximately 25-30 seconds, once the screen displays recover release buttons.

    After the firmware updates successfully, please turn off the Novo 8 and remove the Micro SD Card.

    Additional Notes
    The firmware provided by Ainol is currently set to Chinese language as default and will
    require changing to your native language. This is simply done by going to settings menu and selecting the language menu which has the [A] icon.

    1. Hello Toño,

      Glad to hear you got it back up and working, would of replied sooner but had no internet for a few days. (it's terrible to think how much we depend on it these days)