Version 5.0 Status Bar update

Hi everyone,
V5 is now getting somewhere, the Aroma installer is letting me do all sorts of things but more importantly . . .

The STATUS BAR is no longer so HUGE!!!! 🎉

Check out the screen shot below. Amazingly it was an easy fix but due to it being a very odd issue it took me ages to find out what I needed to do. As you can see the icons are smaller and the bar is not much larger than the wi-fi and battery icons. I shall offer both the original and smaller size version as choices in the new rom. My next trick will be to try and get rid of the soft keys on the status bar which will tidy the status bar up nicely.

Watch this space . . .

  • Sorted 😎

Feb 18th update

Status bar icons are gone, I shall offer the choice of having them or not in case anyone out there needs to make use of them. This will give the the choices of big/little status bar with/without icons.

  • No more icons, an uncluttered status bar


  1. Marvelous!

    Way to go man!
    This looks awesome.

  2. Hold on!
    I really hope you will upload this rom soon, my novo8 is waiting for its new life...

  3. nice ... good work bro...been waiting for this one

  4. ANDY CONGRATULATIONS, you are the ainol 8 BIG BOSS,
    after much time i come here and see you are making a version 5 with aroma and improvements. So im waiting to jump from u version 2 to version 5.
    ligth flow
    fix lag
    droid wall
    clean master
    GMD speed time
    Pie control
    something like Xposed to control per app dpi changes will be nice
    Good luck!!!

    1. Hi Leoz,

      In reply to your list. . .
      Nova Launcher = Android 4+ only
      Light Flow = Installs but will not work with trackball led.
      Greenify = Android 4+ only
      Fix Lag = Installs but Novo is not supported when you run it.
      Droid Wall = Adding this as an option to the installer.
      Clean Master = Skipping this, duplicates functions of other apps.
      GMD speed time = A cheat app for a farming game, not really a must have.
      Pie control = Android 4+ only
      something like Xposed to control per app dpi changes will be nice = This would be the best thing going for Gingerbread but it's beyond what the framework can do so again 4+ only.

    2. Regarding PIE and Clean, I have added Floating Toucher which gives similar results to PIE and works on Gingerbread, Also I have added SD Maid as an alternative to Clean Master.

  5. i think that the new version is going to be very cool
    good luck finishing the version

    1. Thanks :) The new version is finally getting there. Just been hammering out some final choices and updates and testing . . . lots and lots of testing. Hopefully will have something ready to release very soon.

  6. hi! still no version 5
    we are waiting for a year
    you are our last hope!!

    1. It's coming honest :) I've been on and off with this for various reasons but it's a case of wrapping up a few loose ends and getting it up here. I still have a few ideas but maybe they can wait for a later release.


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