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VMWare sound issues with Realtek HD Audio R2.71

Just a quick post for anyone getting a...

The default sound device cannot be opened:
A device ID has been used that is out of range for your system. Sound will be disconnected.

...error in VMWare with the latest Realtek drivers this is what fixed it for me. Unlike the older drivers which had a 'disable jack detection' button the new drivers hide it away. To solve it open the Realtek Sound Manager. (mine is ASUS branded but it should look similar on other systems)

  • You can open this from Control Panel > Realtek HD Audio Manager

Click the cog up in the top right and select Options, you should then get this window.

  • Select AC97 Front Panel to disable detection

Clicking the 'AC97 Front Panel' option will disable the jack detection. After that the next time you boot up a VM you should find the sound is working once more.


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  3. You are a legend! Thank you so much!


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