Friday, 27 June 2014

Nvidia GeForce FX5900 Mega Cooler

I found this pic in my archives and thought I would throw it up just to show you some of my older mad ideas.

Sometime around 2003ish I had a Leadtek Winfast A350 powered by an NVidia Geforce FX5900 core. It was the top flight card when I purchased it and did fancy things like that new fangled DVI stuff (through a separate chip no less)

However after some time there developed two problems, the first was that the clever fan shroud stopped being clever due to the fans packing up, the second was the newer FX5950 based card that my father possessed, it was not much faster but in those days FPS scores were everything. Thus the MEGA COOLER was born.

Essentially what you are looking at might well have been the first triple slot cooler. It had a stock Socket 939 cooler bolted to it (hence the bent fins) The blue ram coolers were from some DDR cooling kit I had knocking around mounted to the existing ram cooling plate using my favorite combo of superglue with thermal compound (As seen in the ASUS WL-520G heatsink upgrade)

Initially it was a great success, overclocking proved no issue due to the stupidly huge heatsinks and airflow, and you could keep your FX5950 cards thank you very much. However not long after PCI Express came along and showed us a bright new world where even the lowest cards ran light years quicker. I can't remember what happened to MEGA COOLER, I could hardly palm it off at Computer Exchange. Maybe, just maybe it's hiding in a cupboard somewhere waiting to be found and perhaps benchmarked ....

For the insomniacs you can read all about the card itself it at Leadtek's own page and at Toms Hardware 

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