Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Blackgold Drivers for 36xx Series Cards

Wow it's been so long since I made a post, I need to get back into it all, but as a quick starter I thought I would share something with my fellow BlackGold TV Tuner owners. At some point over the last year or so BlackGold's support page has had dead links for it's downloads. I emailed them and they reckon it will be fixed 'soon' and emailed me some drivers. In the meantime I have uploaded them to my FTP for you all to use as you need. These are great cards for use with TVHeadend, Emby, Plex and so forth, it's a shame they're not getting any love from the manufacturers at the moment.

BlackGold Support page
Have a look at their site and then come back and download whichever driver you wish. NOTE: The's are meant to be the latest but my 3650 does not like them for whatever reason so personally I found the's to be more stable, you mileage will no doubt vary :) (32/64bit) (32/64bit) (32/64bit)
BGT36xx Installation Guide
Driver Update Instructions **IMPORTANT IF CHANGING DRIVERS**

They are also available from this link BlackGold mailed me (hopefully will not go dead) BlackGold Temp Driver Link

Hope this helps someone :)


  1. Hi, using BGT3620 and would like to use your links but prompts for user name and password ?

    1. Hi, sorry about that. I recently changed my hosting settings. All fixed and working now :)