NSE Imports my new online shop is live.

Update March 2021:

The original Opencart site we started has now moved to Shopify, offering better security for our customers, more payment options (Google Pay, Apple Pay and Amazon Pay) as well as the usual methods, we are now offering a wider range of item including the masks and visors that started this whole thing.

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Original Post:

After getting some interest in my N95 masks I had to upgrade my game as getting people to click on a PayPal button on a blog page was a bit iffy looking, I've set up a brand new online shop at nseimports.co.uk, currently selling KN95/N95/FFP2 Masks, Visors and Goggles, but eventually expanding into gadgets and gizmos as well. If you are looking for some PPE come and have a look at what we have for sale. Full SSL secured payments through PayPal (takes cards as well) and fast UK delivery.

  • NSE Imports, buy your FFP2/N95 Masks here.

    Our original OpenCart where we started from