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Tron Light Cycle for Midtown Madness 2.0

Many many moons ago (June 2001 around 21 years ago from typing this) I took a great Tron Lightcycle model from Kareem Badr and ported it into Midtown Madness 2. I even made a site for it at complete with horrific font and background choices typical of the early 2k's (Thankfully these broke so it looks a lot more plain now).

With the passing of time and many harddrives and internet provider updates I lost the zip file from back then and now it looks to be lost to time. All that's left of the webpage and it's lonely image. If you still have this zip file gathering dust on a corner or your PC or Server please let me know, it would be great to give it a whirl again 🙂

For those who like a read, I found the original review for the bike when I submitted it to Midtown Motors back in the day, unfortunately the .zip I uploaded there was not captured so that's a bummer.

I've also put a forum post on about trying to find it after seeing an image another member had posted.

  • Tron Light Cycle for Midtown Madness 2.0

    Cruising through London at night

  • Tron Light Cycle for Midtown Madness 2.0

    Racing through downtown San Francisco