Site redesign, new projects and a bit of an update

Check out the new blog theme and logo:

After far longer than it should have taken me the site has been given the overhaul it needed. The old theme was nice but it was clunky, hacked together, had a weird super slow scroll issue, and was in no way mobile friendly. The new theme mostly fixes all these issues, performance and mobile friendliness are excellent, as well as easier on the eyes with it's new off white theme.

However, because it's the very nature of what I do, there is a pile of css to fix, enhance, and mutilate from the defaults of this theme to my will, mostly, there are still a few minor tweaks needed for mobile users at the lowest resolutions. These blogspot themes are nice but they have some weird formatting issues, and in the case of this theme I'm now using there is some (semi)evil javascript that overwrites your .css, however some minimal use of css layers defeats their imposed stylistic choices with my own. I would remove the javscript but it seems to be semi-adaptive and would break how a lot of how a blogger theme actually works.

  • I'm a 1337 HAX0R 😎


One of the reasons I've not done much on the site is that by being my own boss I actually have to do work, this is cool but it kills off my spare time that I used to use to do a lot of the older style work I used to do. On the plus side of being my own boss I can teach myself things, currently I've been brushing up my web design skills, learning a bit more Javascript and really getting to love Python, expect to see more projects centered around those elements soon.

Away from the tech I've also been working through a TEFL course to give myself another string to the bow, it's fairly easy in places and harder in others, as someone who has always struggled with grammar terminology, I find it harder to remember how to describe what a word is (verb, noun, adjective etc..) than say 'Plan a 15min lesson about x', but I hope to have that finished soon.

In order reduce costs and increase resilience I'm looking at shutting down my GoDaddy hosted domain where a lot of the sites files are hosted. This is not as bad as it sounds, I'll roll the domain into my Google Workspace account so it will still be live, all files shall be rehosted on a multiple platforms long before to ensure uptime such as Google Drive, OneDrive, GitHub, etc..., with suitable redirects there should be minimal issues for any existing file links out on the net, including ones linking from my own store, it will save me about £100-150 a year in costs and these days it's getting important to watch those pennies. The added benefits of this will be faster downloads especially for the larger files I host, while rarer stuff will be available on archive pretty much forever.