New Tampermonkey script: Fix Shopify Grey Button on login screens

  • shopify-login-fixer

What is this thing?

shopify-login-fixer is a Tampermonkey (and other *monkey) script that fixes the buggy Shopify login screens that seem to get stuck with the login buttons not changing from Grey when you enter your correct details. This means that you cannot login using your email/password combination which is very frustrating. This simple script deletes the disabled tag from the buttons allowing you to login.

NOTE: This is a brute force fix, the login will still fail if your details are incorrect, it simply makes the button always selectable/clickable.

  • Details are correct but login is greyed out

    Details are correct but login is greyed out

  • Fixed 🙂

    Fixed 🙂


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Should work with most *monkey variants: Tested/Developed with Chrome Tampermonkey v4.18.1, Also tested on Firefox Greasemonkey 4.11 (from 2021)
  • Auto updates if your *monkey variant supports it

Sounds great, how do I use it?

  • The easiest way to install this is to click this link:
    shopify-login-fixer.user.js most *monkey's auto install features will then take care of things, this also can be used to manually trigger an update.
  • OR, view the shopify-login-fixer.user.js and then click the RAW button, if you wish to check out the code first.
  • OR, Download or Copy/Paste the shopify-login-fixer.user.js into your *monkey, save and activate.

The next time you visit either or the greyed out button will be forced active.


Published under the The Unlicense

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