Saturday, 19 January 2013

Version 5.0 Aroma & Launcher news

Hi everyone,

Just a small post to say that V5.0 is still going to happen, after trying out some new roms on my HTC HD2 which featured the awesome Aroma Installer I decided to build it into my next release. Some Aroma features seem to not work but that's the down to the Novo's underlying installer but enough of it works to let us have some fun :)

This will give you the ability to pick certain options when installing the rom, these should include:
  • Choice of Dolphin or Firefox Nightly (or both) Internet Browsers, I have been using Firefox heavily and it's a great browser. Dolphin will include some extra plugin choices but Firefox may not be able to have that due to the way it handles plugins.
  • Boot animation choices, there have been a couple of different animations throughout my releases this will give you a few choices to pick from.
  • Boot logo choices, this is the first screen you see when the Novo powers on. There will be a couple of choices for this.
  • Launcher choices, this will be between the current ADW and GoLauncherHD. GoHD has some nice features and is great for tablets but it's lacking some of the nicer features the regular GoLauncher has but I quite like it. It will work on any of the current releases so you can go and try and see what you think.
  • Additional Keyboards, there are some nice ones out there now and I can give the option of Baidu for those that want to use it.
  • Other choices for apps that may not be used by everyone, Google Play, Books, Earth, Skype for example.
If you have a suggestion for an app you would like to see or have a choice of changing use the comments below to let me know. This is going to require a lot of testing and I have other things I want to try and achieve as well so there will be a wait but it will be worth it.