Monday, 4 April 2022

I made a GitHub thing, extract custom .xml's from Mame

 I do enjoy a bit of Retro Gaming, especially the older arcade stuff. Like a lot of folk now I use RetroArch to make it close to a pick up and play experience. Wanting to streamline things I wanted to extract just the NeoGeo, Naomi and Atomiswave games from the core mame.xml to create some custom RetroArch playlists.

However after looking around I could not find something quick and easy to use so decided to make my own. check it out over at 

It's pretty straightforward, feed it your mame.xml and a search term, it will then scan the .xml and create a new one containing only the games that match. Coded in Python, it's not the most elegant piece of coding you'll see on the net but it's functional and fast.

There maybe some improvements in the future when I can suss out some what to search for, for example removing mechanical, fruit machines etc...